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Today is Thursday, 24-6-2019. Today’s top news in the UAE today is Thursday. Gold prices are down today. The price of gold in Dubai today is 6517 dirhams. The current price of 24 carat gold per gram is 215 dirhams. Dirham pratigram In addition, the price of silver per ounce is 95.4 dirhams. From now on, tourists in the UAE will be given a corona vaccine.

Visa holders in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and tourists from other countries will now be able to get the coronavirus vaccine there, but their visas will be issued from Abu Dhabi, the official said. Asked which vaccines they could use to get the vaccine, they said they would have to use the UID number mentioned in their visa.

Tourist Abhijit visa holders can make an appointment by calling 80050. Note that on June 11, local authorities announced that people living in Abu Dhabi would be able to register for the vaccine even if their visit visa expires. The National Ministry of Health has so far provided more than .5 14.5 million worth of vaccines

The UAE government has extended the ban on air travel with India until July 7, but Air India has asked its passengers to check their Twitter accounts regularly to find out more, according to Indian Airlines Air India. Their passengers have been informed that scheduled flights from India to the United Arab Emirates have been postponed again till July 6, 2021.

In a tweet on social media Twitter, Air India authorities said that the UAE gates will remain closed for India until July 6 after the UAE government re-imposed a travel ban. Dear viewers, Subscribe to the website to get today’s latest UAE news.

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